Just what the hell is the red pill anyway?

The “red pill” is a controversial set of beliefs that, like all controversial beliefs, is extremely misunderstood as the opponents seek to heap shit all over it at any and all opportunities. The satisfied man doesn’t just take the words of unreliable sources at face value of course, he seeks to know for himself. He also doesn’t piss his pants at the thought of exposing himself to an alternative perspective on a very fucking important topic, as the worst case scenario is that his own analysis finds the “red pill” as being baseless and he keeps on living his life. The following post will be a no bullshit introduction of just what the fuck this thing is, what the common concerns men have with it, what my experience with it has been and if it’s worth your valuable time.

From Wikipedia: “The red pill and its opposite, the blue pill, are popular culture symbols representing the choice between embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (red pill) and the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue pill)”

The “red pill” we’re referring to is the “sometimes painful truth” regarding relationships with women, a topic that as you could already tell, is so conflated with crap that you’d think it was deeply religious or political in nature.

The “red pill” truth is the recognition of the “true” nature of female behavior, including her attraction to traits of dominance, preference for men with status, attraction to men who have been pre-selected by other women, and hypergamous nature. This is based upon cross-cultural studies, evolutionary psychology and other standard Social Science, rather than just the convenient conjectures of a gender studies major with a chip on her shoulder. It’s the theory that women aren’t these irrationally selfless Queens of godliness, but are actually human, with their own rational self-interests to motivate them, sometimes towards goals that conflict with the interests of other men. And just like men are subconsciously inclined to impregnate many women to ensure their DNA is successfully propagated, even if its a consciously dumb idea and he’s wearing a condom anyway, so too are women affected by the biological impulses they’ve evolved with. It’s about cutting the feminist crap that men and women are EXACTLY THE SAME by recognising what our differences are in an objective light and from there figuring out what to do next. Yes woman are also people… And yes they’re often shitty people. The end conclusion of the red pill isn’t just that “all women are cunts” though. No you shouldn’t hold women to a ridiculous standard and no you shouldn’t be surprised when your naivety gets you exploited. Yes nice guys finish last and yes a lot of what you’ve been taught is complete bullshit. Enter the practical realities of red pill. Sort of like succeeding in a political organisation, you either play the game or you lose be default, and if you don’t understand how the game works, you’ve got no fucking chance and you’ll be the patsy.

But I heard that red pill was just a group of jaded losers who hate women?”

Well… Sort of… BUT… like Christianity, just because some of the practitioners are willing to picket the funerals of soldiers for supporting a “gay-loving country like America” (the westboro baptist church)… It doesn’t mean that Jesus of Nazareth didn’t at least have a few intelligent things to say. It isn’t wise to judge the source material solely by its adherents.

The reason why “red pill” has this reputation is that the most vocal of its members are also the most passionate are also the most angry. We’re talking about guys who followed the feminist guide to relationships to the letter and got completely fucked over, got divorce-raped out of the blue and had their children and their assets stripped from them in one fell swoop. This is of course an emotionally charged topic and the conversations regarding the realisations which a lot of these men resultantly have is not going to be calm and polite in nature. It’d be like having a conversation with a guy who got out of a relationship with some crazy bitch… Except there’s also some theories in there that have consensus amongst scientists.

“But won’t the red pill turn me into some hateful neck-beard loser?”

Only if you’re so easy to manipulate that reading the “Anarchist’s cookbook” would also immediately turn you into a terrorist. Surely you’re capable of making up your own fucking mind on things. At any rate, the final stage of comprehension of the “red pill” is that of acceptance. You accept these new realities and are much better equipped going forwards with women and are at an elevated position to get what you want out of life and love. You’re not angry, you’re not sad, you’re just understanding.

Now, is the “red pill” worth your time? Absolutely. For me it was one of the most important things I’ve ever read about. I discovered it by accident through an article my then-girlfriend sent to me which she found very upsetting… But which after three readings of it I couldn’t find any logical flaws and was staggered by the breath-taking rawness of it. This was a point of view I didn’t have any experience with and although my girlfriend didn’t like the implications which called her out on her own bullshit, I was thoroughly intrigued. What followed was an almost fucking spiritual awakening which completely changed my view of the world in an incredibly practical way. So many things finally clicked, the puzzle was completed, the unhappy state of my relationship was no longer a mystery, women were no longer these irrational crazy figures but just fellow humans with their own motives, relationships between men and women made perfect sense. I cannot fathom how different and more successful my relationships with women are now and how much more clearly I see the world. Had I not learned this stuff, I’d quite likely still be in a miserable relationship with a woman I just didn’t understand, trying to do all these things which just wouldn’t work because they’re not backed by a scientific understanding of female psychology. I’m now actively scared for men who are in relationships that haven’t studied the red pill, it’s such an incredibly critical set of realisations. It’s also exciting to read about too and will help solve so many of the mysteries of your past and present relationships.

Here is the main article people cite which introduce the theory (you don’t have to read all of it, but at least read some of it): http://www.hyper-ad.com/men/doc/TheFuturist_TheMisandryBubble.pdf

Here is the article which inadvertently introduced me to red pill thinking:https://boldanddetermined.com/pick-the-right-wife/

Here is the main forum for these men who have a no-bullshit approach to discussing relationships and spreading knowledge that needn’t be politically correct:http://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/

See you on the other side of the rabbit hole.

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