Is the paleo diet legit?

I’ve been moderately Paleo for over a year now, and not because I thought the “scientific” theory behind it it was brilliantly compelling. As it sounded pretty far-fetched to begin with. I stuck with it because after doing a 30 day experiment (which I bailed out after 21 days because paleo is a fucking pain in the arse and I wanted pizza at 2am) when I started going back to my “normal” diet, I felt sick. All this sluggishness I had become unaccustomed to during this experiment came flooding back, and since I now wasn’t used to it, it was kinda fucked up. I’d also just not feel satisfied from eating certain foods, like eating bread was like eating lettuce or something, felt very odd.

Foods that I’d been eating every day of my life, were now seemingly out of bounds for me because when I had them I crashed afterwards and now actively noticed it. All these foods, milk, cereal, bread, cheese, pasta, rice… Which made up like 90% of my diet, I was now constantly aware were terrible for my energy levels.

In a word, my new reality was fucked. As I didn’t know how to cook for shit, couldn’t be bothered cooking anyway, didn’t have much of any money and had very little experience with paleo food… And adding salt to the wound, other paleo people are some of the most pretentious wankers in the universe.

So I begrudgingly followed this diet, copped the extra time, hassle and monetary expense and handled the dumb-cunt questions I’d get from dickheads whenever it was mentioned. At social events I’d just pretend I wasn’t paleo because it was just too difficult to explain and the catering options didn’t exist anyway. I’d have cheat days each week where I’d remember why I was paleo in the first place as I’d feel sick and be filled with regret each and every time. And when I was travelling… I just tried not to eat junk food, because again, it’s just too fucking hard.

So when I watched this short video that seems to be very compelling and credible which basically completely debunks the science behind paleo I had mixed views.

Because, even though the science behind paleo is bullshit, the diet does still work… But those same results could be achieved more easily. It’s kinda like how that popular idea of people needing to drink eight glasses of water a day is based on absolutely nothing… And yet it’s still a pretty good idea anyway, there’s just no specific scientific study to support it at all.

So where does this leave us? Well, the man with aspirations for improved vigour, vitality and general health would strategically want to achieve those same benefits which paleo provides, but try and forego any unnecessary costs that such a difficult and expensive and annoying diet entail.

If you, like me, lack a phd in your understanding of how the human body works, it’s tricky to base our decisions from science which the layman would have difficulty in identifying as credible or not. It’s like having someone read to us what something written in a foreign language says, we just basically take their word for it. Thus we are left with 30 day experiments to judge for ourselves. So if you are paleo, follow the advice of the video by experimenting with a diet that focused specifically on less refined carbohydrates etc. but which isn’t necessarily paleo in its other components. And if you’re not paleo, follow the advice of the video by experimenting with a diet that focused specifically on less refined carbohydrates etc…. And perhaps experiment with paleo as well and other diets too just for the fuck of it. The goal here is to get a diet that works for you instead of against you, that’s it.

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