Masculine Fashion

Is there such a thing as a “masculine style”? And when I say masculine I don’t mean the bullshit feminised reimagining of masculinity, where real men hold hands to cry and wash the dishes as foreplay, I mean traditional masculinity, you know, the one that actually has something to do with being a man instead of a woman. After following the Man in Demand conference recently, I found a guy who has an answer to this question, and I learned a lot from him.

“I am an intentional man. I live my life deliberately in all areas and this attitude is apparent in my dress and appearance. I understand that my image communicates how much respect I have for myself and how much I expect others to have for me.” – Tanner Guzy

I would like to be an intentional man who lives his life deliberately in all areas… But this attitude is not at all apparent in my dress and appearance. I wear whatever isn’t dirty (and often I even let that standard slip) and give basically no thought to the image I present to the world. I don’t even really look like a traveller, because my clothes aren’t particularly functional either. As I discovered Tanner Guzy’s website and read more, it dawned on me that I could and should seriously improve in this area.

Fashion seems like just…. such a gay endeavour. Women froth over it, clamouring to buy the clothes in the latest trend a designer has fabricated to sell new clothes which still look awful so that they can feel superior to other women who spend their money on… more important shit. It felt uncomfortable and certainly unmasculine to think too hard about what I wear.

“If you’re looking to simply be told what to wear to look good, this isn’t the site for you. In order to truly master any skill, it’s important to understand the history, the fundamentals, the implications, and the rituals. Dressing well is a skill and I believe so many men fail to get good at it because they don’t really move beyond simply trying to wear the same clothes as the men whose style they admire.” – Tanner Guzy

This was huge for me as yeah, I had no idea what made an outfit look good, beyond them fitting and something to do with colour consistency (which I didn’t understand anyway). The utterly worthless men’s magazines who discuss fashion simply tell you that you NEED to buy this $10,000 pair of jeans which we totally aren’t getting paid by the manufacturer to recommend to you. That and just a bunch of snobby shitheads explaining the superiority of some clothing over another in terms that don’t make any fucking sense. Men I relate to in no way whatsoever and who i’d probably be enthusiastic to not meet at a party.

“A man’s style is his first means of communication with the world around him. Before he even opens his mouth, he tells you what kind of man he is by the way he dresses: What he does for a living, what his habits are, how much money he makes, how much he respects himself.” – Tanner Guzy

Respect was a key paradigm shift. I certainly felt better when I put on a suit, even if it was just to go to a cafe to to get work done. One of the key differences he talks about is the priority of “aesthetics”. Simply looking pretty… Is way less important for men than it is for women. Things like social status rank much higher. One of the other key paradigm shifts I had was that the “fashion vs function” debate is stupid. All clothes are functional, even if the function is to attract a mate or to make a favourable impression by looking groomed. Social function is a thing.

I have read a lot of this guy’s material and have since completely changed how i think about clothing and my wardrobe has been completely overhauled.

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