Becoming Super-focused with Modafinil in Ho Chi Minh City




One morning I woke up and decided if I was serious about increasing my productivity then I should at least experiment with one of the smart drugs I’d heard entrepreneurs talk about.

Figuring that I wouldn’t be able to import any of the popular smart drugs into Vietnam, where I was living, I messaged my Vietnamese friends asking what drugs the students here use to stay focused.

One of the responses was “meth”

Another of the responses was “Modafinil”

I first heard about the wonder-drug “Modafinil” (also called Modalert) from this blog: “How I Became Mighty With Modafinil”

In the blog he likens Modafinil to the NZT drug in the movie: “Limitless”, increasing focus, motivation, energy and productivity to achieve your goals. Having watched Limitless at least twelve times, I was very keen to try it out.

The only experience with nootropics or “smart drugs” I’d had prior to this was by experimenting with Piracetam, a drug that did literally nothing for me. Like, even taking four times the recommended dosage had no noticeable effect at all.

My Vietnamese friend, who I met through doing standup comedy together, said not only did he know where I could buy Modafinil, but he actually had some that he could sell me and would even offer me two pills for free just to try it out.

Most standup comedians take drugs, but not to increase their productivity.

And so at our next comedy show, whilst the other comedians were smoking weed and swapping notes on where to get real ecstasy and the benefits of Valium vs Xanax, I got Modafinil from my friend and discussed the finer points of increasing your productivity through it’s usage.

At 11am the next day, on an empty stomach, I took 100mg of Modafinil (half a pill)

My expectations were… that it wouldn’t work. That it’d be like Piracetam and every other “Amazing” life hack you hear of: total bullshit.

But about half an hour later I figured it had probably kicked in as I gradually felt more alert and more motivated to get stuff done today.

Five hours later I still felt alert and still felt motivated to get stuff done.

It was that feeling you get on some mornings where you just really want to dig in and you’re itching to work on some project… but instead the feeling lasts for hours.

I raced through project plans for creating a blog, set it all up, filmed and edited some great videos and went through my to-do list ticking off stuff I’d been putting off for ages.

It was probably the most productive day I’ve ever had in my entire life. And this was in spite of having slept terribly the night before, as I was up until 2am, which would ordinarily have totally destroyed any chance of being productive. And shit, even if I had slept well, the likelihood of me getting anything important done after lunch is incredibly low. I’ve perpetually been confused by people who say they work for 8 hours a day, I don’t think I’ve ever actually worked for that long before, even when I worked 9 to 5, as at least half that time is spent reading emails you don’t really have to read, having meetings you don’t really need to have, editing documents that don’t really need editing and just chatting to colleagues.

After Modafinil wore off… nothing, there was no come-down, I just felt like I’d have felt ordinarily at that time of day.

I decided that I would take Modafinil every time I woke up feeling like shit, which was once or twice a week at the point, and would otherwise probably get nothing done anyway.

I soon amended this to just taking Modafinil basically every day.

I don’t know how I lived before this.

The long-term side effects of taking Modafinil regularly… aren’t known. I don’t think there have been any scientific studies on the long-term effects of using Modafinil because it’s still so new and from internet land the only people reporting particularly bad side-effects are from those who took 200mg or 400mg or mixed it with other drugs. Everyone taking 50mg or 100mg like I had been just reported minor stuff like headaches when they first took it and being disinterested in sex for the next several hours but it otherwise largely just working as advertised. So far I haven’t had any bad experiences, and as of writing this blog I’ve been taking 100mg daily for about two weeks.

The canary in the coal mine is everyone else taking Modafinil regularly for years who still aren’t reporting negative effects despite a blog post on the subject being likely to go viral amongst the smart drug user community.

I intend to continue using Modafinil daily and I’m in love with the results so far.


I get Modafinil from my friend, who gets it from… somewhere, presumably. I recommend you also ask your friends if they know anyone who can set you up and maybe even give you a free sample. I can’t vouch for any of these other places personally, so I suggest you do your own research.

Modafinil Viet Nam: When I posted on their Facebook page they said their prices were:

– 50,000 VND per pill for forty 200mg pills, 2,000,000 VND total
– 100,000 VND per pill for ten 200mg pills, 1,000,000 VND total

After I posted on their page a random guy offered to halves with me on the 40 pill order so we could get a cheaper price, so that could be a way. But I just opted to get them from my friend instead. is another website a friend told me about, but I haven’t looked into it, you can check it out.


First time you do it, just take 50mg (quarter of a pill) and if you don’t feel anything an hour later, take another 50mg, but for the love of God don’t take the whole pill.

Take it first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach to feel the full effects

Take regular breaks to eat and drink water, as otherwise you’ll literally forget to. (Happened to me)

Also take regular breaks to look away from your screen, as otherwise you’ll find yourself with really sore eyes four hours in as you realise you’ve been staring intently at your macbook this entire time. (Happened to me)

Don’t take it less than 12 hours before you plan to sleep, as otherwise you won’t be able to.

Don’t take it less than 12 hours before you think you might end up having sex with someone, as some people have reported it decreases their sex drive whilst they’re on it.

If, like me, your body often doesn’t respond well to coffee, don’t drink coffee on it as you’ll experience that antsy, agitated feeling for hours. But if your body does respond well to coffee, I’ve heard that it amplifies the Modafinil even further, so you can experiment with that.


Do your own research, get a sample, and conduct your own little experiment with 50mg of it to see how you respond. It might just seriously improve your life.

6 thoughts on “Becoming Super-focused with Modafinil in Ho Chi Minh City

  1. Thomas

    Great article. Do you know the active ingredients in Modafinil?

    I was taking a pre work out back in the day, only to realise 6months later it was banned from Australia, as they found the company was using “methylprednisolone” in their products.

    Easy way for this so called smart drug manufacturer to sell you on a lie that it’s an amazing smart drug when in reality you find out you just fill great because you’re actually taking “meth”

    It sounds like it just improves your alertness, and focus, which you would get the same results taking highly caffeinated drinks, or any thing that contains “methylprednisolone”.

    Im still not sold on these so called smart drugs yet. but time will tell.


      1. Thomas

        Ok, thanks.

        All ways try and find out the active ingredients in what you are taking. Then you can google each ingredient and see the negative side effects, for each one.

        Look forward to the next instalment.


  2. ericvanbuskirk

    Caffeine, like cocaine or meth or most ADD drugs, has a “speedy feeling” and thus also they also have some kind of comedown and jittery-ness at higher levels. Nootropics have none of those characteristics.


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