How To Stay Productive Whilst Travelling

How do you stay productive whilst travelling?

By travelling slowly.

When you travel quickly you don’t have the time or energy to develop your morning and evening routines, to get good sleep, to build an exercise habit or to develop a healthy diet. What made you productive at home is what will make you productive away from home, and if you throw all that away by moving every week or two that’s just not going to happen.

Yes you can schedule work to do on a plane, catching up on reading books or listening to podcasts, but if that stuff was really important, you’d have already done it. Just because it keeps you busy, doesn’t mean it’s important.

The notion that you’ll even maintain 50% of your productivity whilst throwing away all your healthy, productive habits is a huge ask.

Travel slowly.

Travelling slowly is cheaper, less stressful, easier and way more productive.

You actually have time to find a great place to work, to find a good gym, to get a healthy meal, to build out a productive routine and also to experience the things a new country has to offer.

In addition to building out your productive habits, you can double down on your productivity tools. Delegate more. Do 80/20 analyses to even more ruthlessly prioritise. Batch like your life depended on it.

You can use your location to motivate you, tell yourself that if you finish XYZ project by ABC time, then you’ll allow yourself to go and do whatever cool thing that you now have the opportunity to do.

Use all the spare reflective moments you have on your trip to think about what you’re doing right and wrong at work and then take action.

Make better use of your free time to improve your general mood and energy levels accordingly.

There is no “staying productive” whilst travelling quickly, only “maintaining a fraction of ordinary productivity”

The choice is your’s.

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